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Is it strange/weird to buy my girlfriend a sex toy? : sex

It doesn't matter if we or you think it's normal. If SHE feels weird, then that's that. Respect her feelings on it. Take her to a shop or point her to a good retailer with some recommendations from lovely sex toy bloggers and let her pick what she wants. 10. level 1. kezza596. 6 years ago.

[Sex toy] for my girlfriend? : sex - reddit

3 points · 4 years ago. I can recommend a few things: -If she wants something for solo play, I would suggest getting a rabbit as it can do clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time. You can even use it on her if you want to spice things up a little. I did a review on one if you want to take a look.

Should I buy my girlfriend a vibrator? : sex - reddit

Sex is still awesome. Sometimes though I do feel insecure and find that using a toy is "work" and I would just rather have sex without it. Other times I find myself very excited to play with the toys. Sometimes even after sex I will play with the toys. My boyfriend likes to use them on me if I don't get off during intercourse.

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saraee555. · 3y. This is the correct way to buy a dildo for your partner. I don’t recommend buying someone a sex toy as a gift for Christmas or a birthday unless it was discussed first. It’s even better you went to a sex shop together! Have fun and enjoy your new toy!! 40. level 2.

Buying remote control vibrator as a gift for my girlfriend ...

My girlfriend has never used a vibrator and doesn't masturbate often. However, she has expressed interest in wearing a vibrator that I could control around the house, an idea which turns me on greatly. I know she is too shy to buy a sex toy for herself, even online so I want to get one for her as a surprise. The Lush 3 looks really good based ...

Buying a butt plug for my girlfriend for the first ... - reddit

[Also, are butt plugs organized by gender of user? I honestly know nothing about shopping for sex toys] TL:DR. I have permission to buy my girlfriend a butt plug, but have never bought any sex toy before, and she has never used a butt plug before. Looking for small, easy-to-use-and-maintain butt plugs for beginners. $30-55 budget.

Best vibrator to buy for my girlfriend? : sex

1. level 1. celestialism. 9 years ago. My favorite vibrator is my Lelo Mona. It's rechargeable, beautiful, smooth, luxurious, strong, and has various cool vibration patterns that are great for warming up. It's also a great shape for G-spotting and feels amazing when my boyfriend uses it on me while he goes down on me. 2.

r/sex - [Advice] I used a large dildo on my girlfriend. She ...

My girlfriend and I bought some sex toys, which is something neither of us had ever used much. So we splurged a bit and bought a lot of toys. Dildos, restraints, blindfolds, anal beads, you name it. We got them pretty quickly in the mail and tore them out of the package and used them as soon as we could.

6 Guys Reveal What It's Really Like to Buy a Sex Toy For ...

3. "One year, my girlfriend (now wife) and I wanted to spice up our sex life. I didn't know what to do so I asked her. She sent me a huge, detailed list of all the possible sex toys for men and ...