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Add lube and play around with it. Lay them flat on the rolled out bubble wrap, leaving a space between them of about 2 inches. So, there we have it. This homemade sex toy should solve the problem. Too small is better than too big — for obvious reasons! The bubbles provide an interesting texture for your textural connoisseur cock. A roll of bubble wrap.

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Roll bubble wrap into a cylinder with a hole about the size of your dick. Roll it with the bubbles inside.

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Bubble wrap, one of the niftiest inventions ever, turned 50 years old this week. Besides cushioning billions of dollars worth of breakables in its long career, and providing endless hours of bubble-popping fun to millions, bubble wrap happens to be a great material for DIY sex toys.

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Fold the bubble wrap over the sponges and underneath them. Now fold the sponges over into a “sandwich” and place them in the bottle, duct taping them into place. Bubble wrap is commonly recommended for DIY pocket pussy toys by masturbation sites like JackinWorld, and this is one of the best ways to make a fake vagina using bubble wrap.

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Or grab and a decent sized bit of bubble wrap laying around the house. 2. Roll it into a tube (if it isn’t already) big enough to fit your penis into. Roll it so the bubbles are on the inside. The bubbles provide an interesting texture for your textural connoisseur cock. 3. Fold a towel and wrap it around the bubble wrap to make a pocket/sleeve.

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For this one, you use bubble wrap instead of the glove/condom used in our 1st DIY sex toy on this list. Roll up your towel with bubble wrap inside, apply generous amounts of lube, and savor the exciting bubble wrap texture!

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Guys can evenly cut off the top of a plastic soda bottle; then, they can take two large sponges, place them next to one another on a large sheet of bubble wrap and wrap them up. There should be extra bubble wrap that can be used to stretch over the edge of the bottle.

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Cover the bubble with the suran wrap, fold the bubble wrap with bubbles in so there is no seams. rubber band at what ever tightness you like, heat some skin lotion in micorwave. be sure its not to hot and put the whole thing in a sock.

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The watermelon is too heavy to masturbate, and the juice drips from the inside, making it dirty. Furthermore, it is very difficult to make a hole to insert my penis. The only good thing about it is the possibility of enjoying it by shaking your hips like sex. But then I would probably make my own sex doll.