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Use a water based lubricant with internal attachments; Use electro conductive gel with external attachments; Ensure that attachments are dry when connecting to the device (after cleaning) Remove body jewellery; it is likely to get hot and damage the skin; Make sure you are fully hydrated before you start your play

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Use a water based lubricant with internal electrosex toys. Apply electro pads or insert electrosex toys only with the power off. Start at the very lowest current setting and work your way up slowly. Clean your electrosex toys after each session using an anti bacterial sex toy cleaner.

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You take the small electrodes and attach them to your pointer and middle fingers. You then attach a strap to your wrist. This toy turns your fingers into the e-stim toy. It’s electrifying your ...

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Electro sex toys are divided into two very specific categories. How you choose to play will depend on your preferences, health concerns, and what sensations you're looking to elicit. You can play with surface electro sex toys or under-the-skin electro sex toys. Surface electro sex toys include violet wands, and its cousin, the Neon Wand. We highly recommend these types of toys for beginners to electro sex—mostly because they're much more approachable in both design and cost.

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Mick from E-Stim Systems came to visit and give us some valuable advice when it comes to electro sex for men so you can get the best out of your session and ...

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Electrosex, is just another name for electrostimulation, e-stim and electroplay. Basically it is using electricity to stimulate the body in some very interesting and varied ways. Electrosex might also refer to the practice of having sex while using E-Stim, which is generally considered to be slightly risky as it can involve current passing through the chest.

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At the base of the penis you can use a TENS pad cut to 3/4" square with rounded corners placed on the underside face just above the balls. The top half of the conductive loop around the balls and penis is insulated so that you get full contact through the perinial area. You can use masking tape or a strip of card to insulte the top half of the loop.

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We believe in a world where you should be able to electrify a sex toy as easily as you can bacon a fast food product. The simplest way is with conductive metallic tape (either aluminum or copper ). The conductive tape can be applied to curved rounded surfaces and smoothed out to a nearly seamless feel.

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The familiar warm sensation of just on the edge of orgasm started in my hips and flowed deep beneath my balls . My cock surged rock hard and suddenly shot a white hot stream of cum. The electro-stimulation steadily kept pushed my orgasm contractions long and deep as endless flows of cum poured from my cock.